Delft Measurement Systems design and develops measurement systems mainly for industrial applications.

Fields of expertise are:

• Resistivity and Optical Monitors for the vacuum industry;

  1. Analogue electronics;

  2. Sensor design;

  3. Eddy current sensors;

  4. Optical sensors (density, spectroscopy & confocal);

  5. Turn key system development;

• Macintosh OSX software development.


Welcome to Delft Measurement Systems

Resistivity and Optical Monitor display unit: easy to use and complete overview of the quality of the coating.

Delft Measurement Systems

Radex Innovation Centre

Rotterdamseweg 183c

2629 HD Delft

The Netherlands

T +31 15 268 25 99


High resolution scan of 2 € coin using a confocal chromatic sensor. Resolution in z-direction is 0.1 µm and in x and y 10 µm.

Design and development of optical density sensor: concept, analogue electronics, optics, mechanics, and software.

This sensor measures the optical density at two discrete wavelengths—red and green—and has a drift of less than 400 ppm/°C.